Are you dreaming about the most beautiful setting to propose to your partner?

Look no further, Barcelona has ALL of the best spots! If you’re hoping to capture that special moment, you're in the right place, lets plan your engagement photosshoot in Barcelona!

Taking engagement photos is a perfect way to celebrate your love and look back on these memories forever. As the “I do” moment approaches, here are some tips on how to prepare for your engagement shoot in Barcelona:

1. Coordinate Outfits

Coordinating outfits with your partner can further enhance the aesthetics of your photos. Try to do this by picking a color scheme, preferably something neutral. You do not want your outfits to distract from the setting of your photos, but to complement the scenery while keeping you the main focus. For example, whites, grays, beiges, and light blues are subtle but tie together the overall image!

A couple coordinates white outfits for their engagement photoshoot in Barcelona.

2. Get a feel for the vibe

Think about the overall product that you are looking for and communicate that with your photographer. If you are looking for a more colorful location, Park Guell has vibrant architecture that can display a whimsical, uplifting vibe. If you are going for a more romantic, grand photoshoot, places like Ciutadella Park are perfect!

A couple sits in front of a colorful pastry shop, depicting a whimsical scene for their photoshoot.

3. Stay true to yourself

At the end of the day, the beauty of your love story is the most important. This photoshoot is a way to capture that beauty and the true essence of you! Stay true to yourself in wearing something that you feel natural and comfortable in. Let the photos capture your personality by feeling like yourself!

The couple shows an authentic reaction to proposal during engagement photoshoot in Barcelona.

4. Make it a day long activity

This is a special and exciting event for both of you, make a day out of it! Begin your day with romance and love, putting you in the right mindset for your photoshoot. Having the whole day to enjoy each other will make you feel less rushed during your photoshoot and be more connected. Treat this as a day long date in Barcelona!

The couple shares a glass of champagne in celebration of their engagement.

5. Relax!

Lastly, relax! Have fun with one another and enjoy this experience. You can definitely feel awkward and not sure what to do in front of the camera. Trust your photographer, they know how to make the photos look great. So, your only job is to have an amazing time and be yourself! The best photos are the ones of you authentically having a blast.

The photographer catches an authentic moment of the couple hugging during their engagement photoshoot in Barcelona.

We hope that these tips were able to ease some stress and help to prepare you for your engagement photoshoot in Barcelona!

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