Congratulations on this big moment! Our proposal photos help you share this new chapter with your loved ones. Taking photographs can be intimidating, so we created this list of engagement poses to help get you started. Check out our 10 must-have poses for your engagement shoot in Barcelona.

1. Sharing a Kiss

Get guests excited to preview your first kiss as a married couple with this classic engagement pose! A passionate kiss will demonstrate how much you care for your partner, and looks great from both close up and afar.

Freshly engaged couple kissing in front of beach.

2. Holding Hands

Holding hands with your partner will show the world just how in love you truly are. This photograph will also highlight the beauty of your new rings. Take these photos at sunrise or sunset to add a golden aura to your photographs.

Close up of newly engaged couple's hands.

3. Embracing

Hold each other tight – this classic engagement pose will demonstrate your love for one another and is an easy pose to begin your shoot in a comfortable position! If you're facing the camera, people can view your beautiful smiles and feel your passion for each other. If taken from the back, this silhouette picture will emphasize a stunning background and highlight the picturesque Barcelona.

Newly engaged couple embraces in Barcelona.

4. Profile Shot

Gaze into your partner's eyes for this photograph. Joke around with your partner to highlight their natural smiles and contagious laughter. In the meantime we will snap numerous shots to ensure that we deliver the perfect candid photo.

Couple embraces in front of bunkers del carmel.

5. Scenery Shot

This photograph will be taken from farther away and highlight beautiful city views or a picturesque landscape. It will emphasize the fact that you are getting engaged in beautiful Barcelona! 

A couple proposes in front of Montjuïc Hill.

6. Twirling

This pose is perfect for playful, free-spirited couples. Twirling will emphasize your beautiful dress while showing off your playful personality. We can even play your music of choice to get your rhythm going! 

Newly engaged couple embraces.

6. The Dip

Add some variety to your photos! Gaze lovingly into your partner's eyes and dip them into a passionate kiss. This pose is romantic and highlights you and your partner's playful attitude. It's also fun!

Newly engaged couple poses in Barcelona.

7. Classic Portrait

This traditional option highlights primarily the couple and removes distracting elements in the background. Capture your beautiful faces and remember this day forever!

Close-up portrait of engaged couple.

8. Walking Away

Take a stroll and walk towards or away from the camera to create an interesting and captivating photograph. This photograph will highlight your special outfit and emphasize the beautiful Barcelona scenery.  

Engaged couple walks away from the camera.

9. Lifting up in the air

This romantic pose always looks great and highlights your comfort with each other. While hoisting your partner in the air, look into their eyes for adorable, playful shots that are memorable.

At Ciutadella Park a man lifts his newly engaged fiancee into the air.

10. Down on one knee

Recreate your iconic proposal moment for your loved ones and friends to see. Smile from ear to ear, look shocked, and we'll do the rest!

At Park Guell man kneels on one knee proposing to new fiancee.

Remember that no matter the pose, Barcelona Shoots will ensure that you go home with wonderful photos that you cherish! We know that this is a huge day and we'll work hard to make sure that you love your photos and have a memorable session! We hope you enjoyed our list of 10 must-have poses for your engagement shoot in Barcelona. Click here to read more about our proposal packages.

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