10 Top Fine Dining Restaurants in Barcelona

Besides sandy beaches and beautiful architecture, Barcelona is full of great chefs and Michelin starred restaurants. There are few cities in the world that can compare to Barcelona's range and variety of restaurants, and that makes it hard to decide where to eat dinner when you're in the city.

We put together this list of 10 fine dining delicious restaurants in Barcelona for all tastes and occasions, all tested and loved by us!

Boca Chica restaurant Barcelona

1. Boca Chica

Boca Chica is a trendy restaurant in Catalonia serving delicious food and cocktails. Boca Chica has flawless service and awesome food, and it is ideal for a fantastic date while in Barcelona! They serve tapas, rice dishes and seafood in a trendy colorful space.

Benzina restaurant Barcelona

2. Benzina

Benzina combines Italian cuisine with a Brooklyn inspired interior, and has been named the best Italian in town by many. Benzina has gained a reputation as one of the most authentic Italian restaurants in Spain. They are known for delicious pasta, seafood and meat plates.

7 Portes Restaurant Barcelona

3. 7 Portes

7 Portes was founded in 1836, making it one of the oldest restaurants in Barcelona. This restaurant is known for their fantastic paella, welcoming and friendly staff and cozy and classy atmosphere.

4. El Nacional

El Nacional has a delicious menu full of grilled meats and Spanish seafood, and they are open until one A.M. every night.

best restaurants in Barcelona

5. Disfrutar

Named the best restaurant in Europe by the Opinion About Dining List, Disfrutar takes risks with combinations of flavors and textures. Their products are always fresh and of the best qualities. Disfrutar specializes in Mediterranean seafood. 

6. Salvaje

With a Japanese-inspired menu, Salvaje’s extensive menu includes king crab, soft-shell crab and Wayu beef. Fresh food, trendy design, and beautiful people, Salvaje is a newer hotter restaurant with a lot of buzz about its opening. 

7. Moments

Hidden inside the Mandarin Oriental hotel is luxury restaurant Moments. Moments’ menu is based on traditional Catalan Cuisine, run by award-winning chef Carme Ruscalleda and son Raúl Balam. 

Boa Boa restaurant Barcelona

8. Boa Boa

A menu of Asian fusion food and strong cocktails awaits you at Boa Boa. Boa Boa is known for their duck bao bun and yellow curry, and perhaps best of all their matcha brew.

9. Besta

Besta is spearheaded by two chefs, one Galician and one Catalan, who worked together to create this neo-bistro, where ingredients and dishes change depending on the season!

10. Àbac BCN

Àbac is a Michelin rated award-winning restaurant run by Television Chef Jordi Cruz in a 19th century estate in the upper part of the city. Based in Tibidabo, the restaurant has an air of unique exclusivity and is full of excellent foods. 

Hope you found our guide to 10 Fine Dining Restaurants in Barcelona helpful!
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