Hola from Barcelona! Allow me to introduce myself - My name is Lindsay Bell and I am the summer intern for Barcelona Shoots working on content, graphic design, and blogging. As an intern at Barcelona Shoots, I've had the incredible opportunity to explore the vibrant city while immersing myself in its unique culture.

Coming from Chicago, Illinois, this is my first time in Spain, and I must say, there are some surprising things about Barcelona that have left me in awe.

Join me as I take you through 10 aspects that shocked my American norms!

1. Late Dinners

One shock for Americans is the dining culture in Spain, where dinner is enjoyed much later in the evening compared to the early dinner norms in the United States. Spaniards typically have their evening meal around 9 or 10 p.m., which was definitely an adjustment!

a family photoshoot at cuitadella park

2. Unleashed Dogs

In Barcelona, it's common to see dogs happily strolling alongside their owners without a leash. Spaniards have a more relaxed approach to dog ownership and rely on the trust and training of their pets to navigate public spaces.

a couple in front of the beautiful culture and views

3. Siesta Time

Barcelona adheres to the traditional Spanish custom of siesta, a mid day break to rest and recharge. Many shops and businesses close for a few hours in the afternoon, allowing locals to enjoy lunch and a brief reset before continuing with their day.

a family sitting on the steps of gothic quarter

4. Greetings with Cheek Kisses

In Barcelona, it's customary to greet friends and acquaintances with a kiss on each cheek. This friendly gesture symbolizes warmth and familiarity, even between people meeting for the first time, definitely something new!

a smiling couple after a proposal in Barcelona

5. Public Transportation Usage

Barcelona has an extensive and efficient public transportation system, and residents heavily rely on it. Buses, metros, and trams are the preferred modes of getting around the city, minimizing the need for personal cars.

a family experiencing the culture and landmarks of Barcelona

6. Catalan Language

While Spanish is widely spoken, especially in tourist areas, you'll discover that Barcelona has a strong regional identity and a distinct language—Catalan. Signs, menus, and announcements often appear in both Spanish and Catalan, adding to the city's rich culture.

a proposal on top of Montjuic

7. Street Performers and Human Statues

Prepare to be captivated by Barcelona's street performers, particularly the famous human statues. These artists bring statues to life, skillfully immersing themselves in their characters and leaving tourists mesmerized.

a family touring the gothic quarter of Barcelona

8. Love for Fútbol

Barcelona is a city that lives and breathes fútbol (or as Americans know it, soccer). The passionate support for FC Barcelona, one of the most successful football clubs in the world, is evident everywhere you go.

a candid moment of a hug in Barcelona

9. No Rush Hour Madness

Forget the typical rush hour traffic you're accustomed to—Barcelona operates on its own schedule. The city's efficient public transportation system helps keep traffic at ease, ensuring a smoother commute for locals and visitors.

a family photoshoot in Barcelona

10. Late-Night Socializing

Night owls will find their place in Barcelona, where socializing and nightlife activities often go until the early hours of the morning. From trendy bars and clubs to rooftop terraces, the city truly comes alive after sunset.

a couple photoshoot with the city and culture in the background

Stepping out of the familiar American culture and immersing myself in the environment of Barcelona has been an eye-opening experience.

As an intern at Barcelona Shoots, I get the pleasure of capturing these cultural aspects through the lens and help visitors create cherished memories against the backdrop of Barcelona's breathtaking locations. Check out our pricing page to experience these aspects as well!

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